Water Systems

Red pipe and valve water system

GPE Engineering & General Contractors is state certified in underground utilities and excavation. In addition to the installation, repair and replacement of pipelines for water supplies, sewage and storm drainage, GPE provides trench excavation, backfilling and compaction. GPE also taps water mains and installs fire hydrants, valves, tapping sleeves and backflow preventers.

GPE Engineering delivers innovative infrastructure solutions for main line water supply distribution systems and utilities. GPE has the experienced personnel, equipment and depth of resources necessary to perform design-build construction contracts for new construction, renovation, alteration, repair, and associated work in utility construction, maintenanance and repairs plus related domestic and commercial services. GPE’s unmatched combination of capability, capacity and commitment assures commercial, industrial and municipal clients and general contractors the highest quality and care for their projects.

Underground water pump
Water Pipes

Major Water Systems work we perform:

  • Water Main Extensions 
  • Residential/Commercial Services 
  • Fire Line Extensions (Class V Fire License) 
  • Fire Hydrants, Fire Department Connections & Post Indicator Valves 
  • Backflow Installations ( DDCV, RPZ, PVB) 

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