Sealing, Striping, & Signage

Cars in a parking lot with road signage

Seal Coating

Seal coating is an important pavement maintenance procedure that can prolong the life of your pavement and improve its appearance. It also provides one of the greatest returns on your maintenance dollar. GPE Engineering & General Contractors uses an asphalt emulsion sealant that helps prevent damage caused by gas, oil, and UV rays. The sealant creates a barrier against the deterioration caused by by weather and oxidation. It also restores the slate black appearance while reducing future maintenance costs.

Crack Sealing

Preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating to the sub grade are the keys to prolonging the life of asphalt paving. That’s why crack filling is an important maintenance procedure. GPE Engineering uses the hot pour method to seal these cracks and prevent minor problems from becoming major repair issues.

A road with a T-intersection
Aerial view of a basketball court, a parking lot, and a building

Striping & Signange

GPE Engineering can customize a plan to install new lines and signage to new parking lots. GPE is also equipped to re-stripe your existing lot. GPE can also update your parking layout to increase the number of stalls by blacking out or grinding off old lines and re-striping as necessary. Detectable warning pads and retrofitting for compliance with ADA and other regulatory requirements can also be incorporated into any project.

Major Sealing, Striping, & Signage work we perform:

  • Wheelstop Installations 
  • Sealcoating  
  • All Striping of roads and Parking Lots 
  • Thermoplastic Striping  and Floor Signage 
  • All Roadway Signage and Signalization 
Parking lot with accessibility markings

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