Lift Stations

Workers in front of a blue truck working on building a lift station

If your municipal utility or commercial plumbing needs include pumping water, wastewater or sewage from a low to a high elevation then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the concept of lift stations. The pumps, valves and electrical equipment necessary to send the lift station liquids uphill require routine preventive maintenance, repair and often replacement of the pumps on an ongoing basis.

GPE Engineering & General Contractors can perform the complete lift pump station installation. GPE engineering and construction services include site excavation, shoring and dewatering; horizontal boring; placement of wet well, underground vaults, buried pipe and conduit; concrete forming and pouring, backfilling and compaction, concrete piping, valves, pressure sensors, sewage grinders and mechanical assemblies; conduit, wiring, electrical meter base, control panel and standby generator; flow meter, odor control and other optional pump station equipment; concrete flatwork, asphalt and site finish. GPE also offers comprehensive lift pump station maintenance, repair and refurbishment services to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Red Lift Station Pipe System

Major Lift Station work we perform:

  • New Installations 
  • Repair, Replace and Refurbishment of Existing Stations 
  • Wet well, Valve Boxes and Control Panels 
  • Interior Restoration and Epoxy Coating of Structures
  • Leak Detection and Inflow  Mitigation 

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