Concrete Pavement

Concrete pavement work in progress rebars

Concrete Paving

GPE Engineering & General Contractors has extensive experience in using concrete for commercial, industrial and municipal applications such as pavement, driveways, sidewalks, aprons, curbs, gutters, slabs, decks and paver retention bands. Our paving crews are trained in the best methods for producing quality concrete surfaces. Also, GPE maintains modern mixing and paving equipment to assure that your new surface or restoration project is the best quality available.

Concrete Advantages

The primary difference between concrete and asphalt road surfaces is that concrete is rigid and asphalt is flexible. Concrete has a longer structural life. Typically concrete pavement lasts 25 to 30 years, and some are built with a life of 50 years. It doesn’t rut, washboard or shove out of its original position. And because it is more durable than asphalt, concrete requires less repair and maintenance. This means fewer delays for commuters due to closed roads under construction or repairs.

wet concrete pavement
concrete pavement

Major Concrete Paving work we perform:

  • All Concrete Curb Work (D-Type, F- Curb and Gutter, Valley Gutter, etc.) 
  • All Concrete Sidewalks and Drives 
  • Footing and Foundations 
  • Concrete Decks and Slabs for Civil Work 
  • Pavers and Paver Retention Bands 
  • Header Walls and Retention Walls 
  • Colored Concrete Paving

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