Asphalt Concrete Pavement

An asphalt road

Asphalt Paving & Resurfacing

GPE Engineering & General Contractors  understands that paving requires not only the right equipment and materials, but a correct assessment of what is needed. This includes establishing the proper sub grade and crushed rock base for the asphalt. Each needs to be the correct thickness and compaction. Since the sub grade and base provide support for the asphalt itself, getting these right are crucial for the long term life of your pavement.

Asphalt Repairs & Maintenance

As the damage increases in severity, the problem areas must be either skin patched or replaced. In most cases, the remove and replace method is a better long term value, because it restores the sub grade and requires a thicker depth of asphalt. In other words, it fixes the problem rather than simply masking it.

Men working on building an asphalt road

Grading & Milling

Grading is a very important part of paving projects. Not only does the limerock base need to support the weight of cars and trucks, but grading is what determines the slope for proper drainage.

Major Asphalt Concrete Pavement work we perform:

  • Asphaltic Pavement of Parking Lots, Commercial Centers and Roadways 
  • Subgrade and Base Coarse Installations 
  • Milling and Overlay of Asphalt Pavement 
  • Utility Trench Restorations 
Man working on asphalt pavement

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